Welcome to Balanced Audio Technology. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look around.

We share your passion for music. The company's founders, Steve Bednarski and Victor Khomenko, grew up half a world apart, yet both were captivated at a young age by the magic of recorded sound. They met as adults, having established successful careers at high-tech leader Hewlett-Packard. Geoff Poor quickly joined Steve and Victor, becoming a full partner and Director of Sales. Prior to joining BAT, Geoff served for several years as head of marketing and sales for a major high-end loudspeaker manufacturer. As experienced audio enthusiasts, they committed BAT to producing components of unparalleled excellence. 

BAT's first two products, the VK-5 linestage and the VK-60 power amplifier, launched at the 1995 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. They generated tremendous excitement among the audiophiles, dealers, and journalists present. Steve recalls our first CES:

“We set up our first-ever CES display in a corner room at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. For our grand opening—as the new kid on the block—we had little traffic.  ‘Balanced Audio… Who?,’ was a refrain uttered by many people that shuffled past our room during that first day. Fortunately, we had established a strong connection with Geoff Poor, the Director of Sales (at the time) for Dunlavy Audio.  Earlier that year, Geoff invited us to his family store to demo our new models. We had so wowed the crowd during the store demo that Geoff convinced John Dunlavy to include our electronics for the forthcoming worldwide introduction of the Dunlavy SC-V speaker.

“On the evening of the second day, in the ballroom of the Golden Nugget Hotel, a packed crowd of high-end journalists listened to the grand unveiling of the Dunlavy SC-V speaker as played through BAT Electronics. To say that Balanced Audio Technology made a favorable impression on this night would be an understatement.  The next day, our room at the Sahara swarmed with visitors. Balanced Audio Technology became the Cinderella story of that CES, and in later press reports, we were widely acknowledged as delivering the best sound at the show!”

Since then, we have been gratified by the continued support shown by customers and reviewers worldwide.  

Of course, the name “Balanced Audio Technology” refers to more than just our use of balanced circuits. It reflects our commitment to overall excellence. We bring the same uncompromising standards to every aspect of engineering—from circuit conception to vibration control and parts placement—as well as to industrial design, customer service, and dealer support.

On this Web site, you'll find more details about our design philosophy. You'll also find detailed descriptions of our products, and a new white paper that explains the consistent philosophy behind how our components are conceived and built.

In the end, however, it all comes back to music. We attend concerts when we can. Music inspires us, keeps us striving to improve our products, and rewards us in many of same ways it rewards our customers. We have customers throughout the world that call us to share their excitement after listening to music on their new BAT systems. That's the best reward of all.

Enjoy the wealth of information contained within this new Web site. We look forward to hearing from you.